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Our ‘Reviews’ page(s) are now revised to feature only full-length reviews of new recordings and archive material which are considered editorially to be ‘required listening’, falling either into the old ‘star-pick’ or ‘near as dammit’ category or of a highly recommended/listen-and-decide-for-yourself nature. 

A secondary list of other notified releases will hopefully keep information up-to-date regarding other releases in the soul and soulful genre.  (N.B. ‘notified’ means items advised to the Soul Basement by record companies.  No advice = no listing.)

Reviews and releases follow a latest to oldest order and full-length reviews will remain on display for at least a six-month period.  To connect to the appropriate review page, just click anywhere on the artist/title.  (NR or AM means New Recordings or Archive Material respectively.)

* NEW FEATURE  -  US R&B Chart statistics, based on peak positions on both the ‘Billboard’ and ‘Cashbox’ listings, have been added to the bottom of each review as relevant.  This has been applied retrospectively to cover all (earlier) reviews listed below.  (NB - No R&B charts were published by ‘Billboard’ between 30/11/63 and 23/1/65.  ‘Cashbox’ listings apply to 45s only and cease in 1984.)

This section will also include books - required reading - and reports of gigs such as the Porretta Soul Festivals and Ponderosa Stomps.


VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  Spring NYC Soul  -  Kent Soul (UK) CDKEND 487 (cd)     (AM, posted 6/3/20)

DIONNE WARWICK  -  Déjà Vu : The Arista Recordings (1979-1994)  -   Soul Music (UK) SMCR 5189BX (12cd)     (AM, posted 22/2/20)

DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER  -  Dee Dee Bridgewater + Just Family + Bad For Me + Dee Dee Bridgewater  -  Robinsongs (UK) QROBIN 42 CDD (2cd)    

                        (AM, posted 3/1/20)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  Yesterday Has Gone : The Songs Of Teddy Randazzo  -  Ace (UK) CDTOP 1556 (cd)     (AM, posted 31/10/19)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  Dave Godin’s Deep Soul Treasures, Vol.5  -  Kent Soul (UK) CDKEND 485 (cd)     (AM, posted 25/10/19)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  Los Angeles Soul, Vol.2 : Kent-Modern’s Black Music Legacy 1963-1972  -  Kent Soul (UK) CDKEND 486 (cd)    

                        (AM, posted 11/10/19)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  This Is It! : More From The Van McCoy Songbook 1962-1977  -  Kent Soul (UK) CDTOP 489 (cd)     (AM, posted 19/9/19)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  Masterpieces Of Modern Soul, Vol.5  -  Kent Dance (UK) CDKEND 450 (cd)     (AM, posted 18/9/19)

HAROLD MELVIN & THE BLUE NOTES  -  Be For Real : The P.I.R. Recordings (1972-1975)  - 

                        Soul Music (UK) SMCR 5188BX (3cd)     (AM, posted 18/9/19)

EMOTIONS  -  Don’t Ask My Neighbours : The Columbia/ARC Recordings (1976-1981)  -  Soul Music (UK) SMCR 5187BX (3cd)     (AM, posted 17/9/19)

ETTA JAMES  -  Etta James & Sings For Lovers + Bonus Singles  -  Jasmine (UK) JASMCD 3128 (cd)     (AM, posted 15/8/19)


SISTER SLEDGE  -  Thinking Of You : The Atco/Cotillion/Atlantic Recordings (1973-1985)  -   Soul Music (UK) QSMCR 5191BX (6cd)     (AM)

METERS  -  Gettin’ Funkier All The Time : The Complete Josie/Reprise & Warner Recordings 1968-1977  -  Soul Music (UK) QSMCR 5190BX (6cd)     (AM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  Jack Ashford’s Just Productions  -  Kent Soul (UK) KENT 519 (lp)     (AM)

LITTLE ANN  -  Detroit’s Secret Soul  -  Kent Soul (UK) 518 (lp)     (AM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  Sacred Soul : Dave Hamilton’s Raw Detroit Gospel  -  Kent Soul (UK) CDKEND 484 (cd)     (AM)

CHARMAINES  -  I Idolize You!  Fraternity Recordings 1960-1964  -  Ace (UK) CHD 1545 (lp)     (AM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  Los Angeles Modern & Kent Northern Soul  -  Kent Dance (UK) 516 (lp)     (AM)


SPINNING AROUND : THE HISTORY OF THE SOUL LP, VOL.2 - L-Z  -  by John Lias     (posted 5/6/18)

FLORIDA SOUL  -  by John Capouya     (posted 4/10/17)

MOTOWN : THE SOUND OF YOUNG AMERICA  -  by Adam White with Barney Ales     (posted 1/4/17)

SPINNING AROUND : THE HISTORY OF THE SOUL LP, VOL.1 - A-K  -  by John Lias     (posted 1/4/16)



PORRETTA SOUL FESTIVAL 2019  -  by Dave Thomas